Tamar Valley and St Matthias'

Church Location:

St Matthias' Anglican Church is located at 431 Windermere Rd, Windermere, Tasmania, Australia.

The Tamar Valley is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

The tidal estuary runs north of Launceston in a zig-zag fashion for over 60 km, flowing into Bass Strait at Low Head.

There are marvellous views everywhere, from the river edge or from the hills that line the estuary.

The valley is now Tasmania’s principal wine region.

The Windermere Church can be seen from many vantage points – the photo at the top of the screen is from Brady’s Lookout, high on the hills above Rosevears, immediately opposite on the West Tamar.

There are numerous communities along both the West and East Tamar, with a combined population of around 50,000.

Because of its age, history and beauty, St Matthias’ Church is an iconic site, not just for the people of the Tamar Valley and Launceston, but for the whole of Tasmania as well as for interstate and international visitors.

 The original St Matthias parish covered both sides of the river, and churchgoers would row across the river from Rosevears to attend the Sunday service.

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