In The News – Letters & TV

On Thursday, 19th July, on Australian television, the 7.30 Report on the ABC included a segment on the sale of Anglican churches in Tasmania. That report will be available for a limited amount of time. To view it, click the following link and start at 18:20; the report lasts for around six minutes. 7.30 Report

Today, 21st July, The Weekend Australian Magazine included several letters relating to the feature two weeks ago about the plight of rural churches in Tasmania. The Bell Tolls.

A copy of the page is included below. The letters clearly indicate the widespread sympathy for the affected communities.

Our group – Windermere Church Forever – is also receiving sympathetic feedback. We have had encouraging donations and support, both locally, interstate and internationally.

Below we feature a photo sent to us by a couple from Germany who stayed in Windermere two years ago, concerned to hear about the church’s future. They commented that they recalled their visit to the church one lovely morning, when the photo was taken.