WCF Inc is Seeking New Members – Join us now

On the 1st of December 2018 the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania released the names of those churches to be removed from his ‘for sale’ list.

St Matthias’ at Windermere was one of them, with its existence in its current state preserved for the time being.

The threat of Windermere Church being closed or sold emphasised its importance as a community asset as much as it is a religious one.

Windermere Church Forever Inc is a community based group of residents, independent of the Anglican Church of Tasmania. It provides members of the community a way of donating and/or being involved in the future of the church, without donating or reporting directly to the Anglican Church or Parish.

On November 1, 2018, WCF received official notification as an Incorporated Association from the Justice Department of Tasmania, incorporation number IA12311.

WCF Inc is now open for new members to join. To be involved in the future of Windermere Church as a community asset, download our membership application form: Become a Member of WCF Inc.