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We announced in our last news item that the Parish had achieved the redress target. See: First Target Reached.

Since then, three features have appeared in Tasmanian newspapers. Below we include links to the articles (some might require payment). We have also included copies of the articles (to view these in larger format, in your browser you might need to right click to View Image or Open In New Tab).

That news was reported in the Launceston Examiner, 10 Aug, 2018: St Matthias’ Church reaches fundraising goal to stop sale 

Following is a copy of the article for those who don’t have access to the Examiner. Statements from the Parish in this article, on their Facebook page and on information sheets at recent services at Windermere, reiterate the need for the community to take an active role in ensuring the St Matthias’ site has a long-term future. The article mentions how WCF – Windermere Church Forever – was formed to ensure just that.

While St Matthias’ has been saved from the for-sale list, many other Tasmanian churches and properties aren’t in the same situation.

Interestingly the fight back is coming from the pro-active mayor in Campbell Town. The following articles from the Hobart Mercury explain the resistance movement and also provide an historical context.

Hobart Mercury and TasWeekend, 11 Aug, 2018: Community united in fight against church sales


Hobart Mercury and TasWeekend, 11 Aug, 2018: TasWeekend: History repeats … again and again